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Anarkali started its servings in early 1992 with its worldly famous dishes in Saudi Arabia and Singapore. After decades of excellence, the food chain has come to Pakistan, opening its branch in Rawalpindi city. The restaurant has flavors of the east with special barbeque and Chinese variety.

Why us?

After two decades of serving internationally, we know our food. We aim to provide customers with delicious food taking great care of the hygiene and environment. Our sole motto is to gain a unique status among our visitors and win the hearts with excellent food and service. The finger licking good taste comes from the special recipes and eastern herbs that give food a distinct taste. The dining experience at Anarkali will make you forget the cuisines elsewhere.


The restaurant has a cozy ambiance with good quality food and excellent serving. The atmosphere is perfect for family dinners, special parties and hanging out with friends. We take great care of your needs and provide you first-hand services when it comes to orders and catering. Anarkali, without a doubt, has a special aroma and those who visit can’t resist for long!

Our Staff

We take great care of your comfort. Our staff is well trained to take your orders and serve you with the best. The friendly team will assist you the best making you feel at home. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal and we leave no room for faults in it. We value your feedback more than anything and the team works hard improving quality with each passing day.

Our Cuisine

The tastes of Anarkali range from Desi to Chinese continental where each dish is served with its own taste and specialty. Our chefs know their work and none can beat them in providing tastes. From biryani to fried rice, the tastes tantalize the taste buds and every moment at the diner is delightful. We don’t just serve food but garnish it making it look as good as the taste so you can savor each bite before tasting. We take great care of the atmosphere and presentation so that you get served the best.

Anarkali believes that each guest must be given a special treatment and with this aim our team works hard to greet every incomer with cheers. So, if you haven’t visited us yet, come along with your loved ones and we promise you that once you try us, the place will be your favorite weekend spot. We are open for family dinners, pre-bookings and reservations too which means you can save your favorite spot for a special dinner with us.